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Our Story

Cadence™ is a premium performance brand founded in Los Angeles (2024) by Ross MacKay and George Heaton, embodying the pursuit of greatness through the translation of elite capacity into products and experiences.

At Cadence™, our mission is to bring the highest quality, science-backed ingredients and formulas to those that need them most: from world class athletes to leaders in business.

The research informs us of a singular strategy for yielding the highest return in physical and mental calibre.

The optimisation focus of all our formulas:


Cadence™ began as an idea; a tool for total mind and body optimisation via the conduit of hydration.

But traditional hydration solutions addressed only half the equation, offering inferior electrolyte ratios, buffered with sugars, artificial sweeteners and stimulants, which trick the mind into a false sense of mental clarity and physical energy.

At Cadence™, we refused to accept these inadequacies, and so our mission began to find the perfect balance of electrolytes for an essence of purity, in our physical performance and our mental clarity.

Our quest led us to one solution:


With constantly new and evolving bodies of research informing us of its benefits, our goal became to change the story of salt, and develop a new, science-backed narrative. 

That water is not enough.

We need more Salt.

More than a product, Cadence™ is a ritual; dedicated to the art and science of hydration, inspired by the rhythm of daily discipline.

Our Founders:

Ross Mackay

Ross MacKay is one of today’s most disruptive entrepreneurs. Known for founding and scaling Daring into the fastest-growing company in the United States, and raising over $150 million from elite investors and celebrities such as Peter Thiel and Drake; Ross understands brand. 

While many entrepreneurs are singularly focused, Ross exists in duality. Dedicated to constant improvement, intense training is a non-negotiable for Ross. Whether it’s competing in Hyrox or running a marathon, Ross recognizes the importance of pushing physical limits for both mental clarity and well-being. For Ross, the worlds of training and business are intertwined.

“As someone who juggles building businesses with rigorous training, my life is always on the go. Since I started my entrepreneurial journey 10 years ago, my mission has been to create products that improve performance. 

As I began training at a higher intensity not only did my business improve, but I started showing up better in every aspect of my life. The link between intensity in movement and positive growth is undeniable. Having to sweat, refuel, recover, and come back stronger forges you into a better person. 

Over the course of the last 4 years, I made a pivotal change to my supplement routine by introducing salt, and it has been nothing short of transformative. This adjustment was spurred by the realisation that intense physical exertion was depleting my body of essential electrolytes, leading to fatigue and headaches that hindered my daily performance. 

Electrolytes have since become an indispensable element of my daily routine. From the moment I wake, through each workout, and in my travels around the world for business, they are my constant ally. This regimen brought immediate improvements. My energy levels surged, not just enhancing my endurance during workouts but also boosting my focus and productivity in business. 

As a brand builder, everything I do lives and dies on quality, and the electrolytes I was using were lacking. I envisioned something new, elevated, and disruptive. A brand that takes good and makes it great. Products perfectly balanced to help you perform without compromising on taste, quality, and brand. 

From this vision, Cadence™ was born.”

George Heaton

George Heaton is the Creative Director, Co-Owner, and Co-Founder of British Luxury Fashion Brand Represent. Beyond that, he is a visionary, an athlete and an elite competitor in the fitness space. 

His unwavering passion for health and fitness transpired into the drive for constant progression both in business and physical performance. Through the fusion of these two realms, alongside Ross and Mike, he created Cadence™; a ritualistic part of his daily routine incorporated to push the boundaries of his execution in body and in mind.

“Around 4 years ago, I got into CrossFit and immediately noticed the output of sweat and energy in my workouts was causing fatigue and headaches throughout the day. I started researching the cause of this, and fell upon studies which connected the loss of key electrolytes through intense training with drops in performance and mental clarity. 

So, I started implementing sodium tablets, which immediately aided my energy levels not just during the workouts with elevated endurance but also throughout the working day.

It became clear that supporting my hydration with electrolytes removed the limiting factor, playing a major role in my performance of not just high level athleticism, but also running my business. I’m also certain that it has played a key role in supporting my health and wellness; I’ve not been sick in years.

Over time, electrolytes became the only non-negotiable in my supplement stack. I take them upon waking, pre, intra and post workout. They dissipate my morning hunger, elevate my training performance, and are the constant companion whilst travelling the world.

With the perfect electrolyte ratio of Cadence™, I’m able to optimise my performance within the business, whilst I train, and as I compete across all my disciplines, without inhibition from dullness in mood, energy, or training capabilities.”